"We won´t close our umbrellas" is built of backlit and shading skeletons of umbrellas that create a kind of an organo-technical structure. The use of reflectors with lenses and moving light sources, makes the scaled and enlarged shadows of the metal structure give the impression of an unsettling, living organism. The sound is based on electronically processed field recordings, collected, among others, during the protests in defense of women’s rights that were taking place in Wrocław/Poland during my residency for artists based in austria at WRO Art Center in 2017.

The piece relates to the umbrella as a symbol and protagonist in political protest. At the same time it refers to the manyfold class and gender roles inherent in the history of the umbrella (wealth, power, protection, etc.).

"We won´t close our umbrellas" is conceived as a live performance or a spatial installation.


year:work in progress
material:umbrellas, modified light spots, sound
premiere:wro art center wrocław, poland

video documentation

video documentation (performance at WRO art center, october 2018) coming soon