In "Stranded" four elements create ever changing figures in space: an inaudible sound composition, loudspeaker membranes, ultraviolet light and fluorescent strings.

The composition focuses on low frequencies and infrasound. The resulting vibrations of the loudspeaker membranes generate oscillations which expand into attached strings and are reflected from the other end of the construction.
The strings start a glowing play of motion and of standing wave forms which are reminiscent of both laser beams and of generative computer art.

Unlike an oscilloscope, which represents and analyzes electrical voltage over time, "Stranded" creates shivery graphs –
a fragile ephemeral kinetic sculpture that takes its specific form only through the interplay of all constituent parts and their physical characteristics. What we see is the result of sound that goes beyond the capacity of our acoustic perception. However, the strings are determined by their own natural frequency. The emerging spacial shapes have got their own temporalities and rhythms.

Poetic and musical at the same time, the luminous bodies oscillate between immateriality and materiality, between the virtual and the real. Spaces beyond the accessible, figures beyond the reach of touch.

"Stranded" is conceived as a live performance or a spatial installation.


year:work in progress
material:sine wave composition, loudspeaker, strings, ultraviolet light
premiere:asifakeil, quartier 21, museumsquartier vienna
technical support:konrad hanten (sinnl und hanten), martin schützenauer (wiener lautsprecher manufaktur)