In a dark room you are invited to sit down at a table. Facing you is a small cardboard box, in the back of which is a rear-projected film. The more you lean towards the table, the better you will see the flickering image reflected in the box.

The short film loops and its soundtrack emerges from moving objects, illuminated by the light of film projectors. The radiating noises of those objects are accompanied by the amplified sound of their electromagnetic field. Image and sound sources stay mostly hidden. What you see is the resulting shadow play and abstract patterns, slowly moving across the canvas.

While part of the soundtrack is audible as if it was created within the box itself, part of it becomes perceivable only if you close your ears, resting your elbows on the table. Sound drivers on the bottom of the table turn the table into an audio diffusion surface. Only a physical connection with the table will allow you to hear the lower frequencies - through your own body. Inside and outside, distance and closeness, light and darkness.

Close your ears if you want to hear.


material:table with integrated sound pressure transducer, cardboard box, rear projection
premiere:International Sinop Biennale 2012