Brigitta Bödenauer

Brigitta Bödenauer lives and works in Vienna.

She has a master ́s degree in theater, film and media studies from the University of Vienna and works as sound artist, animated film-maker and DJ. She organises music and cultural events, and teaches and writes on film and visual media.

She is active in Vienna ́s noise and experimental music scene since the early nineties which has also been the starting point for her visual work always inspired by and strongly connected to music. Collaborations with musicians such as Pure, Miguel Carvalhais, Didi Bruckmayr, Michael Strohmann and COH/Ivan Pavlov made for the production of several films which were screened at numerous international film, animation and music festivals. Her films are developed in the course of extensive experiments, using a set of video applications and developing environments combined with analogue animation techniques.

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Film distribution: sixpackfilm and lightcone