images from the kahlenberg-hotel/vienna are compiled, deconstructed and de-contextualized. narrative logic of space and time is ignored. a subjective, emotive interpretation causes the evolution from collection to process to product. the intersection of these categories shows the disassociation between lived and narrated experience, being and representing, which is at the heart of our mediated society.

"Keep running... Touch walls...Keep moving... Take a breath..." The introductory text of "as they pass" is spoken calmly and quietly. The voice doesn´t tell a story, it conveys atmosphere. It´s superimposed over images which flare up briefly and are punctuated by relatively long intervals of black frames - whenever the viewer begins to orient him or herself.

(Nina Schedlmayer for sixpackfilm)
duration:6 min
technique:photographs, processed in a realtime programming environment and frame per frame animation
(silk paint on glass)
voice:alexandra petrovic
mastering:martin siewert

distribution:sixpackfilm // lightcone
supported by:BMUKK


"Best Abstract Film", London International Animation Festival 2008/ London, UK
"Special Mention", Aurora 2007/ Norwich, UK